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Thursday, January 21, 2016

On the way to Te Horo

What could be nicer than a nice long holiday weekend coming up away in the caravan, especially as the TV weatherman has promised good weather.  We hooked up the caravan and left home in the afternoon, with our ultimate destination being down SH1 at Te Horo.  But why not overnight at Otaki, we thought, especially as we had been especially invited to stay at Geoff and Eileen’s rural property.  So after a short 24km trip we backed the caravan up the drive and got ourselves settled for our short stay. 

Staying in Otaki for the night

We spotted some tail swishing going on through the trees at the next property, so I went to investigate.  And sure enough, there they were, several cattle enjoying their life in the country.  They weren’t too concerned with me creeping up on them to record photographic evidence of the “secret lives of cows”.

The neighbours next door

A group of Rosellas were busy flying in and out of the grove of fruit trees, calling happily to one another as they  pecked at the fruit.  Although I would dearly have loved a photo or two, the birds were having none of it, and scattered when I approached.  They are regular visitors to the property, we were told.

It was the cooks night off from kitchen duties, so it was fish and chips all round for our evening meal.  Once the orders had been rung through, the blokes  drove down to collect our meals, and soon arrived home with fish fillets and chips.  And very nice it was too.

Now, what’s this all about, I wonder what’s happening here?  I came outside to find Geoff holding the ladder, while Robin was peering at the roof with a tape measure in his hands.  It’s all to do with the solar panels, I was told, measuring to see how big they are.  Ours are adequate for our holiday needs, but certainly not as big as some of the people who live permanently in the vans have on their roofs.  Especially those who run coffee machines, and all sorts of electrical appliances off their batteries.

Whats happening here

As the evening drew to a close, the sun sank down in the west, colouring the clouds over Kapiti Island.

Sunset over Kapiti Island

Tomorrow we are heading on to attend the Regional Rally at Te Horo, organised by the Wellington Caravan Club, with the grand total of 4kms to travel.  We certainly won’t be jet lagged travelling that distance, will we?

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Andrew Debbie Bridge said...

Coffee machine ?? Who would do that? :)