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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goodbye Ongaonga, and Hello Hastings

It is surely a sign of getting older, when the pair of us couldn’t face the prospect of staying up till midnight on New Years Eve!  Mind you, we were camped all alone, in the middle of rural Ongaonga, with nothing else happening at all, and no one to share it with, except each other.  So after our meal, followed by a little TV, there was nothing for it but to go to bed and read our books. 

And talking of books, Robin got a beauty for Christmas.  Daughter Nicky asked what he would like, and I suggested “The Road to Little Dribbling”, by Bill Bryson.  Such a amusing and informative author – he writes the sort of books where you just have to laugh out loud. Although it was actually Robin’s gift, I couldn’t help myself and started reading the first chapter on Christmas Day.  Then just carried on reading, while he muttered and mumbled and gritted his teeth.  But as I told him, I’m a fast reader, and I handed it back yesterday. So now he can have the pleasure of reading this very funny book, and laugh out loud too when he gets to a funny bit.

Finally got the chance to read his Christmas book

After two days at Ongaonga it was time to move on to Hastings, and we went via the pretty little hamlet of Tikokino.  There are a couple of places to stay here, we found out, and the area looks rather interesting.The attractive pub had a tasty looking blackboard menu on display, so we can put this area on our list of possibilities next time we are in the area.

Tikokino pub

Plan A in Hastings was to stay at one of our favourite POPS, Dick and Elly’s apple orchard, but we were not sure if there were spare sites at this time of the year.  We tried to contact them, but to no avail.  Luckily on arrival Rose, the friendly manager, welcomed us into the almost empty small camping area.  The owners are overseas, so that was why we had no reply.

Parked up at the apple orchard

Several more rigs rolled in during the afternoon, and Rose gathered us all together for a very pleasant Happy Hour.  It was practically a meeting of the “Weber Appreciation Society” as most of the men were very proud Weber BBQ owners.  As we are just new comers to this brand, it was great to see how keen and enthusiastic Weber owners are, and hints and tips were freely offered.  And our lamb steaks were cooked to perfection that evening, we are pleased to report.

Apples quietly growing in the orchard

Now we are in Hastings, we have family to catch up with, a few places to check out, and a little exploring to do.  That should fill in our days nicely.

Happy New Year to all our readers, wherever you may be.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016, and keep safe on the roads at this busy time of year.

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