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Friday, 13 April 2018

All Set to Go

Another weekend – another caravan club rally.  We are all set to go, with two new tyres on the left hand side of the caravan.  Robin thought they were just a bit worn, but closer inspection showed that they really needed replacing.  It seems that the left hand tyres get more wear as they run on the road edge – that’s what we were told, anyway.

Tyres removed, up on jacks, with the spare put on in case of slippage

And the 4WD is more than ready for a weekend away.  With a service, new brake shoes, and a WOF, we will be ready to roll again.  Not that we are going very far, about 30km up SH1 to Oroura Downs.  Our Caravan Club is hosting a Combined Rally,  so our numbers will be expanded with members of other caravan clubs travelling to join us for the weekend.  It should be fun, catching up with fellow campers we haven’t seen in a while.

With the way the weather has been behaving over the last couple of days, we will have to pack our winter woollies! 

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