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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Rally at Feilding

Luckily the rain had stopped on Friday so we quickly packed the refrigerator and set off on our way to Feilding for the long three day weekend.  It was Waitangi Weekend and the news is usually full of the shenanigans that happen when politicians and protesters mix to celebrate our National Day.  Just as well we would be far away from it all and would watch the TV coverage instead. 

As our rally was to be held at Manchester School, entry to the school grounds was deferred until 4.00pm.  We had arranged to meet us with our caravan buddies at Timona Park for lunch, and to while away a few hours until it was time to arrive at the school.  We were the first to to arrive – it was nice and sunny, but still plenty of blustery wind around.

Lunch at Timona Park

Three other vans arrived shortly and parked up too.  Self contained rigs can stay at Timona Park for several nights, and we watched as one van after another rolled in for the long weekend, looking for spaces along the river bank. 

Four of us at Timona Park for a while

In the late afternoon we arrive at the school, found a place to park, and met up with the others coming for the  weekend.    This was a Combined Rally hosted by the Wellington club, with members of Wairarapa and our club Heretaunga also attending.  There were 11 vans in total.

Tucked away in a corner at the school

Some of the vans in attendance

With some free time in Saturday we decided to go to town and catch up with grand-daughter Emma who works at McDonalds for a coffee.  Luckily she was on a break so had time to come and sit with us.  Emma is often a bit camera shy, so rather than embarrass her at work, she took a photo of us instead.  It was a warm day so Robin enjoyed his chocolate milkshake.

Grand parents at McDonalds

Caravan buddies Dot and Derek had been to the market in town and came back with a little something for Robin.  As he rather likes headwear, they found a special Christmas reindeer hat for him, complete with a set of bright green quoits.  The label calls the hat “Reindeer Ring Toss” with three Wreath Rings and promises hours of holiday fun.  "Become a family legend", the label reads, "one ring toss at a time".  I can just imagine Robin sitting in a chair wearing his new hat while we toss the rings at him, hoping to hook an antler!

Robin’s new hat, thanks D & D

Everyone met in the hall in the evening where we all enjoyed a Pot Luck meal.  As usual, these occasions are always full of tasty food and good company.  Later in the evening we took part in a couple of competitions, as a series of “Feelly Bags” were passed around and we had to guess what the object was inside.  It was an interesting observation that most could remember the suspender from the good old days.

Enjoying our Pot Luck meal in the school hall

The school has lovely grounds, a great variety of climbing frames, large trees, and the former school swimming pool is now a plant nursery.  The two aviaries alongside are full of chirps and squawks and fluttering birds.


Tucked away at the school

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