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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Home Safe and Sound

Mangaweka Camp really is a lovely place to stay – a rustic camp without all the bells and whistles and niceties of other camps, but it is very reasonably priced.  Those who wish to camp off power set up on the lower level down by the river.  It looked so nice in the morning sunshine when I took a final look around the camp before we started our journey home.

Down by the river

And just look at those interesting papa-rock (mud stone) cliffs towering over the river.

Papa-rock cliffs by the camp

As we pulled up the hill on our way back to the main road, we stopped at the top so that I could get another view of the interesting cliffs further away in the distance.

Last view of the cliffs

Driving back home, that pesky noise decided to appear from time to time, just enough to taunt Robin and make me worry in case something drastic was going to happen.  It seemed to happen when the car was under load, such as going uphill.  But we made it safely home, thank goodness, without any mishap.  Those handy carparks outside our home were all empty so we straddled the lot to unpack the caravan.  With the floors vacuumed, the bathroom cleaned, and the fridge wiped out, we then moved the van around the corner to it’s parking place.  All ready for the next trip away.

It’s so easy to unpack from here

Our 4WD is booked in to the garage early next week for a service and hopefully the mechanic can get to the bottom of the intermittent noise.  Robin suspects it might well be a wheel bearing, but the experts can check it out thoroughly for him. 


Marilyn McDonald said...

I do not like unexplainable noises in the car! Good thing you are getting it checked, as you need the vehicle in good shape for all that towing!

I have often thought that the camping ground down in Mangaweka must be spectacular - will have to try them when we get our motorhome!


Janice said...

Good to know you made it home with no mishap. There is nothing more annoying and worrying than an intermittent problem. Let's hope the mechanic sorts it all out easily.