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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ashhurst Domain

On our way to a weekend caravan rally, we decided to go even earlier and spend a night at Ashhurst Domain.  This is such a pretty setting, surrounded as we are by native trees, which of course means that the bird life is prolific.  There are nice clean toilets, showers are available at a small charge, and best of all the price is extremely reasonable, at $10 each per night on power.


Arriving in time for lunch, we backed up to the trees and were soon set up on site. Geoff and Eileen would be joining us later in the afternoon.


We took a quick trip to town, just a short five minute drive away, to purchase a couple of necessities.  And came across a lovely little church in the main street.  So pretty, I had to stop and take a photo.

St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, Ashhurst

Back at camp we enjoyed a relaxed lunch, then Robin got chatting to the neighbours, as he does.  I took a walk around the grounds to see what I could see.  The old cemetery is just across from the camp, looking very peaceful through the trees.

Camp grounds with a view

Wind Farm on the hills, part of the old cemetery in the foreground

Geoff and Eileen arrived mid afternoon, and were soon settled, just in time for 4zees.  Just as well we had the handy awning out to protect us from the hot sun, and we invited our neighbours to join us.

Three Leisureline caravans and a big bus

The neighbours told us that the slinky black cat which had been hanging around had been dumped at the camp over the Christmas holidays.   Campers feed it and make a real fuss of the cat, which is very friendly and jumped inside our van first chance it got.  We noticed it buried in the long grass with it’s long thin tail on show – well disguised while it was having an afternoon snooze.

Camouflaged cat

It seemed a good idea to have our evening meal out at the local pub, the Ashhurst Inn.  Just as well we had booked a table as the place was jam packed with patrons.  What we didn’t realise that as it was Wednesday night, “Kids eat Free”.  No wonder there were so many people.  The meals were very tasty, the ladies had lamb, and the blokes chose pork snitzel and steak.

Ashhurst Inn for dinner

We are only in Ashhurst for an overnight stop, and are moving on to the Pohangina Valley tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

I too am a quilter band have followed your blog for several years yet have never seen anything indicatind a viewer in Whanganui is logged in and often wonder why.
Ishould love to meet you both when next you pass through Whanganui having read at different times of your cruise on a riverboat that I look down on and you stay over at the Wanganui East Club where I am a member if not a regular visitor

Jenny said...

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your kind comment, and its great to hear from another blog reader. Yes, it would be lovely to meet up next time we are in Wanganui. You appear to be a "non reply" blogger so we would need to be able to contact you. Can you send your email address through (not for publication)