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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Out and About

What a welcome we have today from Mother Nature.  It’s the first day of winter down here in New Zealand and we woke to be greeted by a sprinkling of snow on the Tararua Ranges behind our home.  After a very long drawn out rather mild Autumn, (not that we’re complaining), Winter has arrived.   Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful!

Over our back fence, first snow of the season

And just to remind us that none of us are getting any younger, look what we spied in the local Medical Centre - a parking space especially for mobility scooters.  Luckily the pair of us aren’t quite at this stage yet, but when we are, we know we will be able to drive down on our scooters and park them outside.

Seen outside the Medical Centre

What was the story behind this number plate spotted recently, we wondered.  Its not as if the car in question was a super-duper sort which would bring the owner a whole lot of money once it was sold.  It’s interesting what you see on the roads.



Jenny said...

The mystery is solved. The number plate "2BSOLD" has nothing to do with selling the car which is sporting it - but all to do with selling houses. Thanks to Geoff for this info. Silly me - I never thought of that!

Allison said...

Cold here too. Extra blanket on the bed.