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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Long Weekend at Himatangi Beach

With a three day weekend caravan club rally to look forward to at the beginning of Winter, we wondered what the weather would have in store for us.  We needn’t have worried, there was sunshine all the way.  Weak, wintry sunshine, to be sure, and with sun low in the sky, long low shadows from the trees surrounding our camping area.  But no wind – so that was a bonus, being situated so close to the coast.


It is Queen’s Birthday Weekend here in our little piece of paradise, and the camp was a not as busy as we expected.  Our club was tucked away in a nice little area at rear of the camp, nice and private.  With a cozy kitchen area at our disposal to use for mornings teas, 4zees, and evenings, and our own little ablution block, we were happy little campers indeed. Seven vans were in residence from our club,  accompanied by one cat and one dog.  This is the first rally we have attended without our beloved Muffy, and whenever we enter the caravan, we expect to see her curled up on the couch.

Our vans on site at Himatangi Beach Holiday Park

On a wander around the camp, we spotted a bright green  “Steinlager Man”, standing guard outside someone’s  holiday home.  Very clever indeed.  How many bottles of Steinie would have to be consumed to make this – all in the name of art of course?

The Green Man

Making the most of the wintry sunshine, we took a trip down to Foxton Beach on Saturday afternoon.  People were busy fishing, walking their dogs, and generally out enjoying the day.  Robin had to manoeuvre the car around the the large pieces of drift wood which littered the beach.  A hazy view of Kapiti Island was barely visible in the distance.  The sand hills have all been roped off to keep motor bikes and cars off them, to protect the vegetation. 

Robin remembers having 4WD training in these sand dunes with fellow caravanner Geoff many years ago.  They were both keen members of the CCVC (Cross Country Vehicle Club) in those days, and were schooled in the art of safely driving up and down hills, and the intricities of towing with a strop.  These could be quite dangerous situations and the club insisted that new members master these skills before heading out on trips into the bush.  The CCVC club also organised annual clean ups in these sand dunes, with many an abandoned car body being retrieved along with all manner of rubbish which inconsiderate people had dumped.

Foxton Beach

Returning to camp, we got a nice surprise at 4zees when Sandra arrived with a large plate of delicious cream horns to share, made by her own fair hands.  Thanks very much, Sandra.

Sandra came with cream horns to share

Club members all trooped down to the local Himitangi Cossie Club for a meal on Saturday night.  The place was packed and we were advised that there would be a 40 minute delay in getting our meals.  No worries, we were happy to sit and chat, there is always plenty of to talk about.

Waiting for our meal, Geoff, Robin and Jenny

After waiting patiently for ages, things took a turn for the worse when part of the building lost power, the bathrooms and the all important kitchen.  Something to do with three phase power, we were told.  And not just the Cossie Club – we were informed that parts of Himitangi Village were also in darkness. What to do?  As we were comfortably settled we decided to wait for an hour and hopefully the power would be restored and the kitchen could get all those ordered meals cooked and served.  But that didn’t happen, and with the kitchen hatch looking like the Black Hole of Calcutta, we decided to cancel our orders, and head back to camp.

No cooking in the kitchen tonight

We passed the linesman hard at work on the village distribution box as we walked back to camp, and the power was nearly restored, he told us. With various quick options considered for a rather late meal, we settled on hot buttered toasted crumpets back in the caravan.  Not quite the  restaurant meal we had planned, but all is not lost.  Before we left the Cossie Club, a group booking was made for a return visit on Sunday night.  Just hope the power stays on till our meal is cooked and served.


Janice said...

What a lovely way to spend the long weekend. We were amazed by the amount of driftwood on the west coast when we visited. How disappointing to miss your meal, but glad you will still have a chance yo visit later. Just as well you were self sufficient to cook something to eat, rather than being in a motel.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Jenny and Robin (and hello to Geoff and Eileen too), We are in Richmond with our friends Jack and Sarah - the weather is lovely here too.
I have no doubt that you will find little physical reminders of Muffy for ages - her fur will have made its way into all sorts of nooks and crannies around the caravan!
Cheers, M