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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Armed Offenders on the Prowl

There we were, almost home this afternoon after a day out in Palmerston North, when we were caught up in the middle of a police operation.  No way were we allowed to turn left at the corner and continue homewards.  What on earth was happening?

The road was blocked off.

But wait – we recognised that 4WD and trailer stopped at the corner.  It belonged to Danny, our helpful and friendly caretaker from our village.  Seems he is not getting home any time soon either.

Motorists and neighbours alike gathered about in groups.  There was a gunman on the loose, we were told.  Let’s hope he gets his just desserts, was the public opinion.  No sooner had I snapped this photo, that police officers were walking about telling the public the crisis was all over, and we were free to continue on our way.

A quick check on the internet showed that the story was up in the news section by the time we arrived home.  An Armed Offenders Squad call-out followed a firearms incident near a school in Levin.  The school was put in lock-down as a result.  A cordon was put up on Liverpool St and Balmoral St and police asked members of the public avoid the area.  Those cordons were lifted by 2.30pm.

In a statement, police said the matter had been resolved without incident and they were "talking with a number of people", and also quashed rumours that it was a hostage situation.  "The matter has been resolved without incident and contrary to suggestions in the community and on social media, nobody was taken hostage during the event," the statement read.  Investigations were continuing.

The Armed Offenders Squad gather on Balmoral St following a firearms call out in Levin.
Photo by David Unwin/Fairfax NZ

The Armed Offenders Squad gather on Balmoral St following a firearms call out in Levin.

It’s good to know the police reacted quickly to resolve the situation by the school.   Police cars and personnel, dog squads, the Armed Offenders Squad, and an ambulance or two were all deployed to arrest the offenders and return calm to our streets again. 

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Janice said...

Good to hear the drama was quickly resolved. I hope you weren't delayed for too long