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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lovely Spring Day

It’s been a lovely Spring day today, and looking out over our back fence there is not a hint of snow to be seen.  Just clear blue skies with the jagged peaks of the ranges looking a little hazy in the distance.  Now that a couple of trees have been removed from the beautification strip along the busy road behind us, we now have a clear view of the ranges from our property.

P8270011 Our view over the back fence

Our New Zealand flag has been fluttering in the light breeze.  There are plans afoot to change the design of our flag with plenty of debate for and against.  With the Australian and New Zealand flags being so similar in colour and design, our flag is often mistaken for the Australian one – by those who can’t spot the difference.  The “will we – won’t we” debate will be decided by not one but two National referendums. 

P8270018 Flying the flag at home

We have a few cheery yellow daffodils in flower, and these pretty primulas are making an appearance now it is so much warmer.  Spring has arrived – roll on Summer!



Tom and Jan said...

Every time you post a photo of the ranges you make me homesick! :-)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Me too! Mx