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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Kyrewood – lambs and horses

After eating (and thoroughly enjoying) our rather large cream horns on Sunday Robin decided to drive the long way home via Palmerston North.  He wanted to check out a motor camp that we had been told was somewhere near Awahuri on SH3.  Perhaps it would be suitable for a future caravan club rally, we hoped – it is always good to go somewhere different.  The road sign appeared while we were tootling along, so we had to back up a little, turn around, and drive up the side road.  What a surprise, it wasn’t a stand alone motor camp, but an equestrian centre which offers caravan parking as a sideline.

Kyrewood Equestrian Centre is registered and accredited to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA.  It is accredited to deliver equine courses up to Level 4, and is the only Private Training Establishment in the North Island, and one of only three in the whole of New Zealand accredited to this level.  Students from both New Zealand and overseas come to study and stay on site.

P8020022 Kyrewood Equestrian Centre

We were directed down the drive to the camping area and one of the staff came to help us with our enquiries.  Yes, it would be suitable to hold a rally here – but the large grassed area would make it better suited to a summer rally.  Power points, toilets, showers and kitchen facilities are available, and there is room for us all to meet inside in the evenings, if required.  A suggestion will be made to the committee to hold a future rally here.

P8020011 Camping area in the back paddock

We were invited to have a look around, an offer which we gladly accepted.  There were several little hand fed motherless lambs on the decking of the student accommodation, wearing little white coats to keep them cosy and warm.  How cute is that!

P8020012 Staff member showing us the little lambs

And of course, being an Equestrian Centre, there were horses galore - the centre has over 50 horses, we were told.  As well as all the horses, there were young people, mainly girls,  but a few males dotted here and there, all dressed in their jodhpurs and riding hats.

P8020016Help – they are walking up to me!

P8020017These are saddled and ready to go

This would certainly be an interesting place to hold a weekend rally, there seems to be so much going on, and quite different to the places we generally stay at.  Let’s hope that Kyrewood gets added to the rally schedule next year.

Mission accomplished, we headed for home.  And what’s this we saw when we drove into our village?  Look’s like someone has had a “whoopsy” and backed into their neighbours letter box! 

P8030025 Who came off second best, the car or the letter box?

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