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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Family Time at Palmerston North

It was daughter Nicky’s BIG 50th Birthday and we gathered for lunch at the very poshly named Orlando Country Club.   As well as a cafe and function centre, (just the place for weddings, we were told) it also runs a golf driving range.

P8280032 Orlando Country Club

The interior was rather like stepping into a giant barn, a timber lover’s dream of exposed rafters and we were surrounded with the golden hues of natural timber. 

P8280033Orlando’s Cafe

And here is the birthday girl herself, showing the elaborate fold out card given to her by her Dad.  She can’t really be 50, surely?  Where have all those years gone?

P8280038  My little girl Nicky

It was a small family gathering, guest of honour Nicky, her hubby Robert, and grand-daughter Emma.  Robin and I of course, and Nicky’s Dad Barton with wife Daphne.  And last but not least, Nicky’s dear friend Heather.  Our meals were huge, but that didn’t stop most of us ordering a big squishy piece of cake from the cabinet.  And why not – it was a birthday party, after all.  There was plenty to talk about, and fun times remembered.  I had organised one of those “photo books” online and it was great to see Nicky’s face as she flicked through the pages looking at all the long forgotten photos from years gone by.  Especially the one of her with her and her class mates all dressed up as trees for a school play.

P8280034 Heather and Nicky looking through the photo book

And then there was the birthday quilt to admire.  Nicky had requested a new quilt in greens and pinks, and was getting a little anxious that it wouldn’t be ready in time.  But Mum’s do their very best to oblige, and although I was stitching the label on the back the previous day, it was all wrapped and ready for the big day.

P8280037 Nicky admiring her new quilt

P8280042 Three generations, g-daughter Emma (I don’t like photos so I’m not going to smile), Nicky and Jenny

After a long lunch we all went our separate ways, with Nicky and Heather continuing with their day of indulgence as they went off to have a massage each.  From the car park we could see the wind turbines away in the distance going about their business as they produced power for the grid. 

P8280045 Wind turbines

Driving back home it was evident that Spring had sprung with lots of new lambs in the paddocks.  There must be something in the water as twin lambs seemed to be in abundance.   There they go, wagging their tails behind them!



Marilyn McDonald said...

OK, so neither you nor Robin are old enough to have a 50 year old daughter. And Nicky doesn't look 50 either! I think you have added a good 5 - 10 years on to her age ...
Lovely to see the lambs and the leaves on the trees. We are glad you are getting the weather ready for our return!
Hugs, Mx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Forgot to say that the quilt looks wonderful - well done, you clever woman!