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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mid Year Christmas Lunch

The Cancer Society Coffee Club support group (for ladies) had planned a mid year Christmas lunch for the members.  Robin attends the Rimu Club, a monthly support group for men as a volunteer helper and when the blokes heard about the ladies plans, they wanted to join in the festivities too.  And why not, we were booked in to the Masonic Village Cafe and their dining room could easily accommodate us all.  We duly arrived, only to find that the dining room was full with another group.  The Health Shuttle volunteer drivers were enjoying a morning tea together, and slowly finished up and made their way out the door, while our group were champing at the bit to get seated.  The tables were looking very Christmassy, and we filed in, found ourselves a seat, and settled down to await our lunch.

The men decided they didn’t want to sit with any of the ladies and would rather sit together in their own little group.  The arrival of plates filled to the brim with roast pork and roast beef, swimming in gravy, and served with lots of veggies certainly kept them quiet, and we didn’t hear a peep from their table as they enjoyed their main course.

P6230030 Men enjoying their lunch

P6230031 Waiting for our pudding

Although the ladies on our table declared that they were full and wouldn’t be cooking an evening meal that night, that didn’t stop them from eating a plate of pudding each.  How could we say no to Christmas Pudding served with cream and custard, and fruit salad on the side?

P6230032I love Christmas Pudding

It was a lovely meal and nice to share it with others from the two support groups.  And……. we will be back for a return performance of a Mid Year Christmas Lunch in a couple of weeks time, when we  return with the 60s Up Group!  It is a great meal, at a very reasonable price.


Katie said...

Christmas pudding in the summertime seems so wrong somehow! Yes I know it isn’t summertime for you. :-) Right now we’re wishing for a nice chilly day. Sigh.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Looks good, Jenny and Robin.
Have you been to the cafe at the very southern end of Foxton beside the secondhand shop? They do wonderful food and would be a great venue for a group function, I think.
It's been very NZ-type Christmassy weather here in the UK lately - perhaps I need to find some Xmas food to feel at home!
I'd have to say I think the mid-winter Xmas functions in NZ are a great new tradition and should be encouraged!
Cheers, Marilyn

Jenny said...

Christmas Pudding is fine any old time! Although our New Zealand Christmas is in full summer, and we generally have a "posh food" BBQ, I still have the urge to eat Christmas Pud and custard afterwards.