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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Autumn to Winter today

It’s been a day of two halves today.  The morning started off reasonably fine for Autumn, a little cloudy and windy, but that is to be expected at this time of year.  Foliage on some of the large trees which were planted to muffle the traffic noise from the busy road behind our property are turning red and gold and starting to fall.  Mind you, a few days of windy weather will soon strip the remaining leaves from the trees.  It is only the “exotic” trees which lose their leaves in winter, here in New Zealand the native trees are evergreen and retain their coverage all year around. 

P6100010 Leaves falling from the trees

The painter has been working around our village over the last week or so, re-staining the cedar weatherboards on some of the villas up our end of the complex.  He was back at work again this morning working around our villa, paintbrush in hand, and his portable radio cranked up loud.


We asked him if he wouldn’t mind running his brush across our little timber name plaque, which was showing signs of weathering.  No trouble at all, he assured us.  Now we can remember what our names are.


All painting came to a stand still as the season changed dramatically at mid-day to winter and heavy rain started coming down – guess damp wet weather and painters don’t really mix well.   He packed up his brushes and tin of wood stain to head off home and potter around in his garage, he said.  But he hasn’t finished here yet.  He will be back sometime shortly to clamber up on the roof and re-stain the gable ends on the villas.  That will be worthy of a photo, I expect.

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