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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lucky we’re home this weekend

It’s all on this weekend – flooding,  slips, road closures, people evacuated from their homes.  SH1 is closed between Otaki and Levin and the heavy rain warnings for the northern Tararuas and Horowhenua will only add to the flooding.

The damage at Waikawa Bridge on State Highway 1. NZTA say the road will likely not be open until tomorrow morning.Damage at Waikawa Bridge on SH1

Horowhenua, Manawatu, Wanganui and Taranaki councils have activated their emergency management centres, which included evacuation facilities.  Significant surface flooding and slips also closed a number of roads in the Kapiti Coast Region with non stop rain over the last 24 hours.  The Manawatu Gorge on State Highway 3 was open but slips had damaged sections of it.   Don’t go out, NZTA has advised, for any non-essential travel. 

A good weekend to stay home, by all accounts.  Just as well we had already planned on having a weekend at home, nothing would be worse than being out in bad weather towing a caravan behind us with multiple road closures.    Luckily we are warm and dry, tucked up safe and sound at home.  Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day for those affected by the flooding.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Jenny and Robin, I'm glad you're tucked up warm and dry! It sounds pretty horrific on the weather front at home.
We are due a thunderstorm this arvo, so we aren't getting off lightly either. Warm, muggy and cloudy at the moment though.
Cheers, Marilyn

Katie said...

That’s quite a photo. We are waiting to hear from family in Wanganui. Glad you are safe at home!

Elizabeth said...

Darned decent of Wanganui to set up evacuation centres BUT we lost internet mid morning Saturday and with no local radio had no way of getting any information. When i decided to self evacuate late Saturday afternoon, not because of my home being at risk but because 2 critical intersections would be at risk - it was my daughter in Melbourne who told me that was no longer possible - those intersections were already closed. Never fear warm dry with sufficient food and meds I settled in only to wake to find the verge had slipped from the road above me and onto my drive completely blocking it. I was finally liberated late yesterday afternoon, not coompletely cleared that could be weeks away, but able to be used. I'm safe but found a friend had been told to evacuate by his sone working a Perth News room, 4 hours before his neighbours were belately hustled out without warning. When we hear about "globalisatio" we never think of it as local but our radio station is overseas own and managed from Auckland so nothing bothered them !!!

Jenny said...

Hi Elizabeth
Wanganui was particularly hard hit over the weekend, pleased you were relatively safe. It certainly is interesting that friends and family overseas knew more of the news than the locals did.