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Monday, 9 June 2014

What’s Inside?

What to take a peep inside our new version Romany Rambler?  Coming in the door the seating area is on the left, 3 way fridge/freezer  to the right, kitchen units straight ahead of the doorway.

P6080015 Lounge area and kitchen cupboards

P6080008 Upholstery and curtains

The kitchen unit with all the usual fittings.  Pull out pantry on the left of the unit, sink, 4 gas hobs on top of the gas oven, extra cupboard tucked around the corner on the right.

P6080009 Kitchen unit

Then looking the other way, the queen size bed and into the bathroom area, which runs across the back of the caravan. 

P6080001Bedroom and bathroom at the back

The bathroom layout was what sold us on this version of Leisureline caravan.  Toilet to the left, separate shower to the right, hand basin and vanity unit, heated towel rail plus lots of cupboards.  Our previous shower was the size of a broom cupboard, with shower, toilet and hand basin all fitted in to the very small space, barely room to swing a cat, if we had a mind to.   It worked OK, but this is so much nicer, and so much roomier.

P6080004Bathroom with vanity unit, separate shower and toilet 

What else?  We requested fly screens on the windows, a gas heater, solar panels, and a wind up TV satellite areal.  Robin copied our friend Geoff’s great idea and asked for outlets on both sides of the waste tank.  Makes life so much easier when we go to a dump station, as we can now empty from either side of the caravan.  These new vans have larger fresh water and waste water tanks to what we used to have and now we have a new toy (for us) a tank monitor to check each day. 
We are very pleased with our new van, and Robin reports that it tows very well.

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