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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lunch at Denny’s and a new flag

It just wasn’t fair, the blokes felt.  The Caravan Club Ladies have been organising the occasional lunch get-together for a while now, but why should the ladies have all the fun.  So the lunches evolved into a separate ladies and gents lunch, held on the same day, and usually at two different venues in the same area.  But Denny’s Restaurant in  Porirua was quite big enough for the two groups to lunch independently.  Wonder what the staff thought when they set up two large tables each side of the restaurant?  Bet they had a laugh amongst themselves.

P6240007 Lunch at Denny’s

So there we were, the ladies down the back on the right, and the men on the left.  We ladies dithered long and hard over the menu, and eventually decided on our orders.  The food duly arrived, and we were all pleased with our choices.  The only complaint heard was that the roast meal was much too large.  But being resourceful, doggy bags were requested, and the left-overs packed up ready to take home for another meal.

P6240001 The Caravan Club Ladies on their side of the restaurant

After the waitress has kindly taken a couple of snaps for me, I asked if she would go and photograph the men.  We heard a roar erupt from the men’s table as she did what I asked. (They knew exactly who the camera belonged to).  Seems that the men were much quicker deciding what to eat, after all, with no women at the table, they could order just what they wanted with no repercussions about healthy food choices.

P6240004 And here are the men

Both groups enjoyed their independent dining, and gave us a chance for a bit of “him and  her time”. And when the coffees had finally been delivered and consumed, the two groups became one again.  With a 15% discount for Gold Cards, this was a great choice of venue.   It’s nice to have some benefit for being an oldie!   Many thanks to Elaine and Peter for arranging our lunches.

We said our goodbyes and went on our respective ways.  Robin and I decided to visit Pete’s Emporium, always an interesting shop with an amazing collection of goodies to peruse.  Our quite restrained purchases were lace for her, and a new flag for him.  The current New Zealand flag flying at home is getting a bit tatty and  needs to be replaced, Robin decided.  Pete’s Emporium have nylon  flags at very reasonable prices. 

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Katie said...

Your Denny’s looks quite nice. The local one here is quite tatty and the food has never been special. In fact I can’t remember any Denny’s I’ve ever been to being worth a second visit. Oh well. Now we are gluten-free we eat at home mostly anyway. And I’m not such a great cook either. :-)