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Monday, 16 June 2014

High Tea for Six at Chateau Tongariro

Sounds very grand, doesn’t it?  As we were staying close by at Whakapapa Holiday Park for a couple of days, I had persuaded our travelling companions to join us for High Tea at the Chateau.  Not that they needed much persuasion at all.  So we changed into our glad rags and drove the short distance to the Chateau.

P6160011 Derek and Dot, Robin and Jenny, Geoff and Eileen

We weren’t too sure how it would be served, and were pleasantly surprised to find that we each had a three tiers of goodies each.  Plus tea or coffee as required.  Starting at the bottom tier we ate our way through dainty egg sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches (of course) and smoked salmon sandwiches.  Next we tackled our scone smothered in jam and cream.  The sweet treat layer was very rich, and we finished off with a hand made chocolate each.  Plus a second cup of coffee to wash it all down.  All very tasty, and good value for money, we thought.

P6160012 High Tea for Six

The service was excellent, and the surroundings rather grand. Comfy armchairs and sofas were arranged in groups, and the lights of the many chandeliers twinkled throughout the large lounge area.

P6160013 Plenty of comfy seating

Our view through the big picture window was looking straight out at Mt Ngauruhoe, with the mountain top covered by low clouds

P6160010 Mt Ngauruhoe

After we had eaten our fill, had a second coffee, chatted about this and that and put the world to rights, it was time to depart.  We said goodbye to Derek and Dot who were heading on to Tongariro.

P6160014Chateau Tongariro

Then we had a quick drive up to “The Top of the Bruce” to see what we could see.  The ski season has not yet opened, just as well as there was not a flurry of snow to be seen.  Plenty of rocks, and the higher the road climbed, the low cloud cut visibility to practically nothing.

P6160015 “Top of the Bruce” shrouded in mist

Once the snow arrives, this place will be over-run with skiers and snow bunnies, coming up the mountain for a fun day in the snow. 

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