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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We all need a helping hand sometimes

It’s fair to say that Robin is a very keen Four Wheel driver, always ready to hook up and drag some poor unfortunate car driver out of a sticky situation.  But we were the ones needing a helping hand this time.  We spent five days with family on their small holding.  The rain kept falling, the grounds were saturated and the whole area was one big mud bath.  No such niceties as concrete paths or a gravel driveway where we were staying.  The only thing on offer was mud and well churned up pasture. 

On the morning of our departure Robin admitted that our 4WD just wouldn’t get traction to tow the caravan off site and conceded defeat.  Son-in-law Robert was only too pleased to get out his large 4WD tractor and help us out of a sticky situation.  What is it with men and their big machines?  He backed his tractor up to the front of our caravan – but there was a problem.  The tow ball on the tractor was about 15in higher than the coupling on the caravan.  What happens now?

DSCF2531 The tow couplings don’t meet up

Easy – Robert checked out his wood pile and came back with a big log.  This was placed under the draw bar for support.    Winding the jockey wheel up other various lengths of timber were slotted here and there.  Thank goodness, the connection is made.

DSCF2532 Fixing the problem, country style

Robert climbed into the cab of his tractor, gave the accelerator a few revs, and our caravan was slowly pulled free of the sticky mud.

DSCF2535Here it comes

DSCF2539Safely out of the mud bath

Then it was just a matter of reversing all the steps, keeping the draw bar support while the coupling was wound back down.  I don’t know which of the two fellows had the most fun!  

With our car hitched up to the caravan it was time to go.  One last thing to do, and that was to move our cat Muffy from the caravan, and hook her lead up in the back seat of the car.  With all the movement and loud noises going on, I expected her to be rather agitated.  But no – on opening the caravan door there she was, she wasn’t running around demanding to be let out.  She was still curled up fast asleep on the couch, and blissfully unaware of all the drama that had been unfolding.

DSCF2540 Muffy slept through all the action

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