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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pony Club for Grown-ups

When we think of a pony club, we tend to think of youngsters owning their first horse getting to grips with learning how to ride and jump.  “Saddle Up” in the Manawatu caters for three scenarios.  Adults – those who may have ridden when children and since have forgotten all their riding skills, or perhaps adults who have never been on a horse before.  Grand-daughter Megan and her dad Robert were in the third category,  experienced riders who want to school a young green horse.  But first a new girth  and bridle had to be purchased, as none of the existing tack was small enough for the Welsh pony.  It’s an expensive business, outfitting horses.

DSCF2453  Looking for the correct size girth

A group of assorted riders gathered together to put the horses through their paces, and we were invited to come along and take “horsey” photos of Megan and her new Welsh pony Speight’s Gold.

DSCF2471 Saddle Up riding group

Speight’s Gold was reluctant to tackle any of the low jumps to start with, and balked time and again.  But with some gentle encouragement Megan soon had him jumping for the first time.

DSCF2479Will he or won’t he go over the hurdle?

DSCF2488Megan with Speight’s Gold

Son-in-law Robert’s young horse Bella was also new to the niceties of show rings and jumping, but also performed very well.  This was the first time that these two young horses had been in a horse truck or tackled any jumps, so it was a day full of new experiences for them. 

DSCF2484 Robert on Bella

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Henny Penny the chook was keeping young pup Bounce in line.  Henny Penny thinks she is the alpha animal on the property and tolerates no disrespect from the other animals, including the horses.

DSCF2424 Henny Penny and Bounce

Spring must be in the air and the new lambs are starting to arrive and are just gorgeous.  So far a set of twins has joined the single birth, with more lambs due any day. 

DSCF2470 Spring lambs

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