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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Old Girl is all Tuckered Out

Muffy has had a big day today, it was time for her annual vet check.  She is not too upset with going in the carry cage, and having a little car ride into town.  But once we arrived, the vet was running late with his appointments and the waiting room was full of dogs.  We sat down on the bench seat with a dog on either side of us.  Robin had Muffy’s cage perched on his knees to get her away from inquisitive noses.  Each time the door opened, yet another dog dragged his owner into the waiting room, sighted Muffy, and wanted to rush over to say hello. 

After a long wait, we were finally ushered in to the consulting room.  Muffy was lifted out of her cage and placed on top of the table.  As he ran his hands over her body and checked her limbs for movement, he kept asking questions.  How was her appetite, her habits, any stiffness, can she still jump up?  The only thing we had noticed is that she is certainly feeling the cold these days, and likes to keep us in her sight.  In fact, she becomes quite distressed when she can’t find us.  The vet declared Muffy fit and well and said she was doing as well as expected at the grand old age of 16 1/2, then gave her the annual inoculation.  All that was left was to pay the bill.  Why does it always cost more to take your pet to the vet, than your own visit to the doctor?  Probably because doctors visits are subsidised by the government.

We were soon back home and Muffy told us in no uncertain terms that she wanted the gas fire turned on in the lounge.  When we had done her bidding she spent the afternoon curled up asleep on the carpet.  The warmth from the fire is just the thing to sooth her old bones and shattered nerves after a trying morning at the vet’s.

DSCF2597 Muffy resting after her trying morning

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