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Thursday, 14 July 2011

It’s Winter but Springs the Problem

In the words of the Toyota advert here in NZ  “Bugger”.  We got home on Sunday from Levin where the last rally with the caravan club was held.  We had backed the van into the cubby hole in front of the house and every thing was sweet with the world.
P7050029 Caravan tucked neatly in front of the house
Part of the process of unpacking is to wind down the steadies, lock the hitch, plug in the power and put the wheel clamp on.  Everything was good until it was time for me to fit the wheel clamp.  Well I was unable to fit the clamp between the tyre and the mudguard.  The front left wheel had some how shifted forward.  This required further investigation which brought to light the fact that we had some how broken the front left leaf spring on the left side compensating suspension assembly.
Showing Spring Above Axle Showing broken Spring Above Axle
After a few hurried phone calls to the agent, a request for photos was received.  As is to be expected with this sort of request it was pouring with rain at the time.  However photos have been taken and E-Mailed off to the agent and the manufacturer and we are now waiting for replies on the availability of  replacement parts.  The parts required will have to include replacement of both sides of the van so that suspension integrity is maintained.
Suspension Configuration Suspension assembly. The drum on the left is the front and is fitted with electric actuated Drum Brakes
The front spring is the broken one and the wheel assembly is sitting on the Chassis Brace.
The current situation is replacements have been sourced and this last photo will be used to identify the correct configuration and hopefully they will be on their way to me tomorrow or Monday.  I will add a new posting when more information is known.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Robin and Jenny
Your first sentence is vary adequate. B***er. Hope it is fixed soon.

Our Life In A Caravan said...

Hi I dont think Ive ever come across a caravan with leaf springs! reminds me of my old series 2a landrover! Hope you get them fixed quickly.

Jenny and Robin said...

Thanks D&D for your comments.

Thanks for you comments "Our Life in a Caravan"
Our caravans here in NZ all have a full galvanised chassis and the suspension is either compensating leaf springs (for Tandems) or wishbone and coils ( not many of them). Something to do with our uneven paved and gravel roads.