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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Its Winter but Springs the Problem - Final

Well at long last we have been able to find a time that was suitable to both my mechanic and ourselves to be able to get the new springs fitted to the van.
As stated earlier we were hoping to go away this weekend to Marton as Jenny thought she might like to have a look at a Quilt show there.  That was not possible and just as well as the weather has been atrocious this weekend with a polar blast all the way from the Antarctic due at anytime now.
It was decided to fit the springs early yesterday afternoon(Saturday) and Murray of P E Crook Ltd had negotiated with his wife for a time that was suitable to the family.  This company is not normally open on a Saturday so we feel very grateful for the time that he made available.
First  of all I had to tow the van to the workshop and with the front left hand axle able to move around I was very apprehensive that something may go wrong.  However I need not have worried and after backing the van in under the dry, work commenced.
P7230089  Before and after the right hand wheels had been taken off
The right hand side was done first and it was really a bolt off and bolt on job.  Although some of the nuts and bolts were exceedingly tight but nothing an air wrench could not handle. Please note that axle stands were supporting the weight of the van at all times
P7230090 Right hand Rear is nearly done
The left hand side was next and as this was the side that had the broken spring.  However no problems were experienced apart from a one of bolts being very difficult to undo.
P7230094 Left hand side almost complete.
Once these springs had been removed the problems were clearly evident.  The front left had the main spring broken right through and it was also discovered the the left rear also had a broken spring.  One could have affected the other, we will never know.
Left Front Broken off
Left Rear with a Break on the Fourth Spring
For those who are counting the original springs were 5 leaf and the new ones are 6 leaf and looking at the manufacturers specs the 6 leaf are 3000kg whereas the 5 leaf are 2500kg rated which means our carrying capacity has a larger margin of error. While the wheels were off the brakes were adjusted up.  So now we should be all go for the next outing with the van which unfortunately is not for a fortnight, too bad.  One other observation was that the van towed much better, as you would expect, but it was so noticeable I wonder how long I may have had the problem. Once again everything is sweet in the world.

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Our Life In A Caravan said...

Glad to see the problem sorted out, still havent found a van over here with leaf springs!