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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Races

The highlight of the social calendar for son-in-law Robert is a trip to the Boxing Day Races at Awapuni, Palmerston North.   Dressed in his stylish suit, and wearing his new “horsey” tie (a Christmas present of course), he looked every inch a country gentleman.
Our grand-daughter Megan was very keen to go to the races too, but had to visit the doctor first, to check out her very sore throat.  Megan was taking no chances, so was dressed up to the nines for the doctor’s visit.  It turned out that she has tonsillitis, but  the doctor gave her the all clear to continue on with a day at the races.  Robert did quite well with his betting during the race meeting and came home with more money than he went with, so that was a good thing.
DSCF5056 Dad and Megan, all dressed up
Megan and her Dad are very keen horse trialists and have an impressive selection of cups on display.  Megan won the Manawatu Hunt Junior Member Award, and the Kimbolton and Kiwitea Pony Club cup.  Robert won the Manawatu Hunt First Season Hunter on his new horse Storm.  The other large club was for a quite different category altogether, Megan won the Oroua Federation CWI cup for the 5th Form Best Award in Dressmaking at High School.  Nicky is also the proud winner of a cup, the tiny one in the middle.  “Most obsessed Twilight Fan Award” was presented to her at a social work function.  There are a lot of different skills and talent in this family.
 DSCF5038The family cup collection
Robert has spent much of his working life around horses, and the neighbours presented him with a fun little pony for Christmas.    It is small so won’t need much in the way of feeding, and seems to be missing a few parts, so that will save on shoeing costs too.  Press the button in the ear and it brays and whinnies quite vocally.  Don’t think it will carry him on the next hunt meet though!
DSCF5057Robert’s new pony

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