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Thursday, 23 December 2010

All packed up and ready to go

“We’re all going on a Summer holiday”, that’s how the song goes.  Muffy wasn’t very impressed when we put her in the carry cage to take her around to the cattery  for her own two week holiday.
DSCF5007 Muffy in her carry cage
It was a short drive to Follyfoot Cattery to drop Muffy off.  We had to wait our turn while the young couple ahead of us bid a tearful farewell to their two cats who were staying in the cattery for their first time.  Muffy wasn’t the least upset about  her own visit.  Once in her new home for the next two weeks, she had a sniff around, then sat down patiently waiting for us to say goodbye.
Follyfoot Cattery is home to rescue ponies, a goat or two, and several dogs, all living happily in a rural environment.They were such pretty ponies looking perfectly happy in their paddock.
Then it was home to hook up the caravan and head off on our holiday.  Let’s hope we haven’t forgotten anything.  It was a 189km drive to our stop at the “Lozell Ranch” over Christmas.  Robin backed the caravan into place beside the garage and we were soon settled in.  Robin had the difficult job of adjusting the Sky Satellite dish, just a little bit this way, then that way, until he was satisfied with the picture.
DSCF5019 Our home for the next few days.
The welcoming committee was there to meet us.  Poor old Babe is getting quite elderly now, and her formerly loud bark is now no more that a throaty whisper.  She spends a lot of her time sleeping now, we were told.
DSCF5029 Babe the Border Collie
Fanta the cat was keeping up a running commentary of meows at us.  I think she wanted us to take some notice of her and  give her some attention.
DSCF5026 Fanta the cat
The family have lots of horses on the property and no doubt we will be be taken on a walk tomorrow to admire them.

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