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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Where’s our fence gone?

We came home from work one day to find our fence had gone.  In it’s place were a couple of orange and white striped “witches hats”.  What was going on?

DSCF2105 Where has our fence gone?

The timber fence in the front of our property between us and the next door neighbour was finally being replaced.  The original fence was constructed many years ago and was badly in need of repair.  The timber posts were made from untreated timber and were rotting away.  Our neighbour Teresa obtained a good quote and we agreed to pay half the costs in replacing the fence.













The tradesman dug out the old rotten posts and concreted nice new ones.  I came home from work to find him measuring up the long lengths of timber.  “Guess it’s a bit like sewing, measure twice and cut once”, I commented.  Then the lengths were lifted into position.   Bang, bang, he nailed them on with a power nail gun. 


That didn’t take long

The following day the fence was completed.  The tradesman had reused the original capping rail as there was nothing wrong with this particular piece of timber.  Now all that needs doing is to sand it down, stain the fence and paint the capping rail.  Teresa is claiming this job as her Christmas project and is looking forward to getting on with her outside job.  We were all very impressed with the tradesman and very pleased with our nice new shared fence.        

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