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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Playing with the Water Blaster

It must be Spring as Robin got to work today with the water blaster.  The back deck was badly in need of a clean up.  The timber decking is made with grooved timber, which over winter, gets gunge and debris imbedded in the grooves.  Over time this gets quite grubby looking and today was the day that it was getting dealt with.  The deck isn’t huge but it still took some time to complete the job.


Robin has a  bright yellow Karcher water blaster and it was humming away merrily as he ran the circular brushes over the timber.  It was a long slow job, and once completed, he then cleaned the steps, the upright posts and the railing.  All this took several hours, but the deck now  looks sparkly clean, all ready for summer barbeques.


While Robin was busy outside, I was busy on the kitchen, cooking him up a hearty meal after all his hard work.  Hope he appreciates corned beef, carrots, parsnips, cabbage and boiled potatoes with mustard sauce, followed by golden syrup steamed pudding.  That should perk him up again and put a smile on his face!

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