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Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween in Hastings

The house in Hastings looked just like a crime scene.  Our caravan was behind the gate tied with yellow “danger” tape and just in front on the driveway was a chalk outline of a body.  What on earth was going on?  Luckily we were not caught up in the middle of a police investigation – our family in Hastings were having friends around for a Halloween Pot Luck Dinner. 

DSCF2098 What is going on here?

Various small witches, goblins and devils arrived for the fun and games.  They had to negotiate past the witch who was standing guard on the back deck, and make sure they didn’t brush up against the cobwebs and spiders which festooned the windows.  Robin had taken his Halloween orange masterpiece from last weekend to show young Kate.  She was so impressed that two more were quickly made and they became the table centrepiece.

DSCF2099 The welcoming committee

The kids ran off steam running around outside playing games.  “Hunt the parcel”, proved quite popular, with the adults calling out whether the children were getting “warmer”or “colder” as they searched in all the hiding places they could think of to find the prize.  Jaffa the cat was no where to be seen.  She is rather shy at the best of times, and all those noisy kids running around was just too much for her to cope with.

 PA310170 Kate – all dressed up

After all the fun and games it was time to tuck in to the Pot Luck meal.  There was plenty of food for everyone including chicken and chips, garlic bread, and “toxic punch”for the children to drink.  Pavlova, chocolate crackles, chocolate muffins all dressed up as large spiders, sweets  and gingerbread men filled in any gaps.  After the meal the children sat down and told themselves scary stories.  It was a fun evening and everyone had a good fun time.

 PA310193 Watch out – I’m going to eat you up!!

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