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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Wet Sunday at the Movies

The weather this weekend has been wet, wet, wet.  So spending Sunday afternoon at the movies seemed like a good idea.  Six of us met down at the Petone Light House Cinema complex.  The Light House is one of those boutique theatres that run different films in each of the five different sized theatres.  We were in a cosy 30 seat auditorium and perhaps because it was a wet Sunday afternoon, all the seats were full.

PA180101 Light House Theatre at Petone

We were there to see “Samson and Delilah”, a low budget film about a pair of Aboriginal teens whose live in a settlement in the middle of outback Australia.  Their lives are monotonous and after they both suffer violence  they decide to run away to the city.  Here of course they are completely out of their depth, their lives spiral out of control and the only solace they get is sniffing petrol.  They return to their own community and young Delilah determines to turn their lives around to live decently and fend for themselves.  This was a very sobering film which was not easy to watch.

PA180105 Cafe Zilli

We finished our day out with an evening meal at Cafe Zilli.  This Turkish Restaurant had an interesting range of dishes on the menu, from shish kebabs to mousaka and we had fun going through the menu and making our choices.  Nice meals but the service was very slow.  Rex ordered an ice-cream sundae and we were all surprised at the size of it.  He did very well and managed to eat every spoon full.


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