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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chocolate Crackles, anyone?

It was my turn to take a plate of goodies for supper last week.  What to make?  I know, I’ll do a batch of those yummy chocolate crackles that I used to make years ago.  Those tasty fattening little morsels that are made out of rice bubbles, icing sugar, cocoa and shortening.  First thing to do was to buy a box of rice bubbles breakfast cereal and the shortening, I had all the other ingredients in the pantry.  I mixed everything up, put the mixture in paper cases, and popped them in to the fridge to set.  Later on we had a taste test, and I thought to myself that they didn’t taste quite as I remembered them.  But I hadn’t made them for ages, so maybe my tastes had changed.  So I packed them up and took my offering down to supper.

A couple of days later and several chocolate crackles later I decided to check that recipe.  Oh no!!  I had used Chefade (made from beef tallow) instead of Kremelta (vegetable shortening).  No wonder they tasted strange.  I made another batch using the correct ingredients and they tasted great.  I’m sure the grand-daughters will appreciate them when we go visiting in the weekend.  As for those horrible ones – I tossed them outside on the lawn to get rid of them.  They are still there.  Even the birds and hedgehogs won’t touch them.  Of course, the lesson in all this is - always check the recipe!!

DSCF1911 Yum, these are the good ones

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