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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Firemen to the rescue, again…..

Ringgggggg went the fire alarm.  We sat transfixed at our desks, expecting it to be a test.  But no, the ringing kept on.  It was a mad scramble to unlock the desk drawer to grab my handbag, sling my jacket over my arm, and follow the crowds out the door to our assembly point outside.  This was getting to be a habit as we were also evacuated  in June when we had a fire in the ceiling, and in July for a mail room scare.  The Team Leaders gathered their staff around them and checked names against the register.  Here come the fire engines, lights flashing and sirens wailing.  The men in yellow raced inside to see what they could find.

DSCF2020 First one fire engine arrived

After standing around in the chilly wind for an hour we were finally allowed to return to work.  Yes, there had been a real problem, the computer room had been smouldering.  It took some time to restart everyone’s computers as they all seemed to have locked up and we couldn’t  log in and start work.  What a day, thank goodness the firemen came to the rescue again.


 DSCF2022 Second fire engine was close behind

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