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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Stokes Valley

We took a trip to Stokes Valley today to call in on our friends Graeme and Kathryn.  Stokes Valley is a suburb of Lower Hutt,  with the valley floor sheltered by the surrounding bush clad hills.  There is an interesting concrete sculpture by the artist Guy Ngan at the entrance of the valley.


The valley was formed during the ice age approximately 20, 000 years ago by glacial scouring.  The area was first surveyed about 1840, and the uninhabited valley was named after Robert Stokes, one of the six man surveying party.  Gradual settlement took place, firstly with many holiday bach’s (huts)  in the early years.  These days Stokes Valley is covered with modern homes  on the valley floor and on the hills both sides of the valley entrance.

A few door away from our friends home we spotted this large car, an American car lover’s dream by the look of it.  It is covered with many different paintings of wild life, and an American flag on the bonnet.  We are sure it gets many admiring glances from car enthusiasts as they drive by.


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