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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just dropped in by Helicopter

DSCF1424 Parked to the side of  the car park  at Mount Bruce on Sunday was a large shiny black helicopter.  We wondered who the important people were and went closer to have a look.  Out came the camera,  and the rotor started up.  Looks like we were just in time, as the visit was nearly over.  The engine changed sound as the rotor speed increased, then up and away  the helicopter lifted off and flew away.

DSCF1426 Off they go to the Tui Brewery

At the reception desk we asked what the helicopter was doing here at Mount Bruce.  Seems that it was owned by an business man in the electronics industry, and the visit was a birthday treat for his young son.    He had just flown his family down from Hawkes Bay for a visit to Mount Bruce, and had kindly donated three transmitters to keep track of released Kiwis.  They were flying on to the Tui Brewery Cafe at Mangatainoka for a birthday lunch.  What a wonderful birthday celebration for the whole family, and the transmitter donation will certainly benefit the endangered species breeding  programme.

DSCF1421 Robin outside the Mount Bruce entrance way

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