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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fishing for Snapper

We went down to the local shopping mall after work today to change our old pre-paid bus cards for the new fangled ones.  Our old “Go Rider” cards have been phased out and we handed them over to a helpful young lady.  She replaced them with the new “Snapper”cards,  transferring the balance remaining onto the new cards.  These Snapper cards are just like the Oyster cards we were using on the Underground in London last year.  You touch the card to the screen on entering the bus, then touch again on exiting, and the fare is calculated and deducted, just like that!!

DSCF1420 We don’t use the bus system a great deal, except perhaps for  the Airport Flyer bus into Wellington.  And we will be boarding that in a few weeks time to have a weekend away in Christchurch, but that’s another story………..

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