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Saturday, 29 November 2008

We'll come back as a cat next time!!

Today was a lovely hot summer day, with birds singing away in the trees. What happens in our part of the world on a Saturday? (That is, when we are home and not away in the caravan). Much the same as anywhere else, we imagine. Robin did his share of the housework duty - his part is to clean the bathroom. Then after lunch it was lawn mowing time.

Jenny was busy too. After doing the washing, dusting and vacuuming she prepared and cooked some food to take away for a Pot Luck meal we will be attending on Sunday night. By then, the washing had dried in the sunny breeze so it might as well be ironed and put away. Robin's next chore was that very Kiwi male pastime, cooking on the BBQ. He did a good job of cooking the kebabs, steak and mushrooms. We dined "al fresco" on the back deck. By this time of the day, the sun had moved around to the front of the house, so it was nice and cool with a pleasant gentle breeze blowing.

Robin - the chief cook on the barbecue

Our cat Muffy, however, had quite a different idea on how she wanted to spend her Saturday. Here she is, stretched out on the bed, quite nice and relaxed. We've said it before and we'll say it again - next time around we will both come back as a cat!! What a pleasant life they lead.

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