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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Frenzy

We have been tripping down memory lane lately. We have spent several evenings in a row checking out all the old photos. Robin's Mum turns 85 next month and the family has pooled together and bought one of those new fangled "Digital Photo Frames" for her. So of course, she will need some photos to play on it. Robin's two brothers and sister are all selecting their own family photos for inclusion. No doubt they have been reminiscing over all the old photos just like us.

Bonnie and Robin

Who is that young slim couple with lovely dark hair on all those early photos? Goodness, it's us!! And did you know that Jenny has never known Robin without a beard? There will be a few photos of this young clean shaven man included in the family photos.

Robin without his whiskers

The search goes on - we still have heaps of photos to look through. We have started with the oldest ones but still have plenty of more recent photos to choose likely candidates for inclusion. Think it will take many more nights of scanning till we are done, and many more memories!!

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