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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Prize Winning Poem

To be absolutely honest, there were not any prizes awarded at last weekend's poetry reading evening. But.... Jenny is adamant that IF prizes were awarded, HER poem would have received one! Talk about being big headed. Ladies, let us know if this happens in YOUR household.

"A funny thing happens to my husband, you know
He puts things down, and where do they go?
He can't seem to find them, try as he might
Things just disappear, right out of his sight.

He rants and he raves, and I get the blame
Each item that's lost, it's always the same
He knows it upsets me, but can't seem to stop
This kind of behaviour is over the top.

It's not my problem, I tell him each time
If he can't find things, the fault is not mine
But then I relent, and for peace of mind
I soon find that object that he couldn't find.

When I lose my things there's never a fuss
I just quietly look and then sure enough
Sooner or later I stumble across
That very same item that once was lost.

In this respect, we're different you see
I'm calm and placid, but he's not like me
He's not a bad husband, as far as it goes
He just can't see what's under his nose."

1 comment:

Derek and Dot said...

Very good Jenny I love that and agree wholeheartedly. I have one of those too.
Take care Dot