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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sunny Saturday in Godzone

(Godzone = God's own country = New Zealand)

Today was a lovely warm spring day. We welcomed a visit from Jenny's daughter Nicky, who called in to see her Mum on the way down to spend the weekend with her friend Heather in Wellington. Nicky checked out the photos of our trip, dropped off a birthday gift, and collected a few goodies to take back for the grand-daughters.

Nicky and Jenny

Then we headed into the big city ourselves to have a look around the Craft Show. Plenty of stalls there with all sorts of things on offer, (not a great many craft related, we noticed) but there didn't seem to be a lot of money changing hands. A sign of the economic times perhaps? We started our Christmas shopping early and picked up a few gourmet food items for gifts. A delicious Belgium waffle with jam and cream made a tasty light lunch.

They start young in the bungy sport these days. We spotted these children having fun on a "reverse bungy" at Chaffer's Park on the waterfront. They are strapped in to a seat, the rubber cords are pulled tight, and away in the air they go, bouncing up and down, having the time of their lives. See how high they are in the air.

A J Hackett started bungy jumping in New Zealand way back in 1988 in Queenstown, in the South Island. We have to admit that this sport is not for us - there is no way that we could stand on a tiny platform over a river with cords tied around our ankles and jump off!!

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