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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A long trip home

Our shuttle collected us at 11.20am on Sunday and drove around the city picking up other passengers, cases were flung in the back and extra people squeezed in. Then it was off to JFK Airport to drop everyone at different terminals. What a huge area this facility covers. Our first flight of the day was on American Airlines and left at 3.55pm - we were not in the least impressed with the service (or should we say lack of service) that this airline offers Economy Class passengers. Want to watch a film? Then hire a set of earphones. How about something to eat or drink? Pay as you go. This would not have been so bad but we were seated right by the galley and watched as the business class passengers were served with drinks and hot meals, we could smell the delicious aromas as the meals were delivered. The last straw for Jenny was when the hostess carried a coffee pot around for them all, she was convinced that we would at least get a nice hot cup of coffee. Sadly, no, we were served water instead. Wonder if those in the front of the plane realised that the majority of passengers did not qualify for this level of service? It was not a short trip either, but a six hour flight.
American Airlines 767
After a short stopover in Los Angeles we then boarded our Qantas flight on Sunday evening for the 13 1/2 hour flight back to Auckland. No complaints about the service on this flight. As we settled down to sleep we lost a day crossing over the International dateline so arrived at Auckland Airport at 5.30am on Tuesday morning. Son Michael tracked us down and we all caught up with each other's news in the coffee bar.

We were due to leave for Wellington at 10.00am but prior to that flights to the Capital were cancelled due to stormy conditions. Off we went to collect our bags, line up with all the others to rebook on a later flight. 4.30pm was the earliest one we could get on. So we sat around the airport all day, drinking coffee and eating overpriced food as more and more flights were cancelled and people were getting stressed. The storm had abated in Wellington but then descended on Auckland and it was too windy for the smaller planes to take off. We finally got away at 6.15pm, arriving at Wellington just after 7.00pm. Many thanks to Kathryn and Graeme who came to collect us and drive us home, it was most appreciated. What a long tiring day!!

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