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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Philadelphia is the birthplace of American Independence and is steeped in history. We took a twilight horse carriage ride through the old part of town and saw all the old vintage buildings that played a part in this city's early years. As the horse carriage clip clopped along the old cobbled streets you could almost imagine being part of Philadelphia's past. Our hotel had a restaurant named "Benton's" so we thought about asking for our share of the profits that they had made over the years. While in Philly we tried their famous "Philly Cheesesteak" for dinner.

Today we walked around town and entered some of the buildings we had passed on our ride. We went to view the Liberty Bell, and the Senate and Supreme Court buildings. We also visited a little building in this complex which had a copy of one of the earliest versions of the Declaration of Independence. This version was penned three days before the signed copy and was used to inform the public of the Declaration.

We have now travelled down to Washington DC.

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