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Thursday, February 2, 2017

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

And you know what that means – it must be time to pack the caravan again.  It always seems to happen in the rain, but at least we can be thankful that there is no wind blowing a gale, as it has done recently.  Our caravan has been moved around from the designated parking area to the car parks outside.   Yes, we know the car parks are really for visitors, but they are so handy, and after all, they are right outside our home.  And it gives us a chance to plug the fridge into power before we go away.

Romany Rambler outside our door

With the rain clouds hanging so low, there is no sign of the hill – the are practically invisible.

The hills are there somewhere

Perhaps a photo of my pretty sweet peas in flower will chase the rainy day blues away.  Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers, and they do smell divine.

Sweet peas in a pot

And growing right beside them is a pot of climbing butter beans.  There I was, out in the rain, taking photos and picking butter beans.  I’m really pleased with both as I planted seeds (or are they called beans in this case?) and wasn’t really sure if they would grow.

Enough butter beans for a meal for two


Janice said...

Such different weather to what we are experiencing. Our summer has been very hot and dry. Our beans are flowering, but not many beans as yet. I hope you don't get washed away on your travels.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Jenny and Robin,
Our neighbour has said that this summer os the warmest winter we've had - and I'm inclined to agree. I am tired of the rain, aren't you?
However, I do remind myself every now and again that it is a small thing to be so grumpy about!
Where are you off to this time?
Cheers, Marilyn and David
PS We came past your place on SH57 last Sunday in the pouring rain on our way home from the Wairarapa and thought about calling in...