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Monday, June 13, 2016

Chocolates, Roses and……..Leeks

A phone call alerted us to the fact that there was a gift sitting in our front porch.  We hadn’t noticed as we had returned home via the internal garage door and hadn’t yet been outside in the wet conditions.  Trish, one of our SLG friends had dropped the gift off on behalf of all the SLG members while we were out.  How nice.  There was a rose bush called “Precious Pet” in memory of our beloved Birman Muffy.  (At 20 years of age, she had been with us longer than some marriages last, we often said.)  The rose is to be planted in a pot and placed in our little patio to enjoy, I was told. 


From our SLG friends

And the chocolates are for us both to enjoy while we are dealing with a health issue and the appointments which come with it.  Thanks guys, munching on chocolate will surely keep our strength up.

And just look at this lovely paddock of leeks.  Cooked and served with cheese sauce as a side vegetable, leek and potatoe soup, or added to winter casseroles, it is one of nature’s tasty winter vegetables.  We went along to our local veggie grower of choice yesterday, The Garden of York,  to stock up on the healthy green stuff, and saw these lovely leeks growing big and strong.

Leeks growing as far as the eye can see

Being a committed Tudorphile, I often call this market garden “The House of York”. 

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Janice said...

Aren't people lovely. Such a thoughtful gift. Enjoy your nice fresh veges. I imagine soup will be on the menu.