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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another lazy Sunday

I fear that Robin is starting to get a little cabin crazy as he is checking the calendar to see how long it is till we hit the road again.   He will just have to be patient as it’s only another couple of weeks till we go away with our caravan buddies again.  Meanwhile, we are enjoying a lazy Sunday at home.  The day started, as Sundays really should, with a bacon and egg breakfast, cooked by the man of the house.

The birds are enjoying a free meal outside on the bird feeder.  What could be more tasty to the little native silver-eyes than a concoction of dripping, chopped apple and bread crusts, a big spoon of honey, and wild bird seed?  We love to see then hanging upside down as they peck away at the hardened mixture.  And any bits which drop off onto the lawn are quickly swooped on by the sparrows.

P8090019 Silver-eyes having their Sunday Brunch

And over the back fence we have views of the Tararua Ranges with their wintery covering of snow.  What a pretty sight this is, one I never tire of.

P8090013  Peeping over our roof

P8090016And yet another view

Contractors have been at work lately over our back fence, cutting back and trimming trees that are planted along the road side behind our village, and in some cases, removing them completely.  As these trees act as a “noise  filter” from the traffic on the busy road behind us, we were concerned about the trees being removed, so enquiries were made.  After many telephone calls and being passed around from one department to another, we finally had an answer.  The trees are part of the beautification strip, and invasive cherry trees have been removed, others which were encroaching onto neighbouring properties were cut back, and the road reserve cleared as people had been dumping rubbish there.  So the trees were not planted for the benefit of our village at all – and sadly we now have big gaps over the fence which previously was filled with lovely foliage.  Birds love these large trees, and generally trill all day from up high – we hope the remaining ones are sufficient for their Spring nesting activities.

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Allison said...

I know how Robin feels, I can't wait for our next trip, sadly, other than the odd weekend away, we will have to wait until December. We did have a lovely 5 weeks away overseas though :)
What beautiful views you have from your home. Will have to visit one day :)