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Monday, 18 November 2019

Off to Taupo

We’re heading off to a new adventure, to meet up with members of the ICA (International Caravanning Association) in a few days for their Christmas Rally.  Our trip up was relatively easy, but Robin commented that with our new van being a little taller than the previous one, it does tend to catch the wind more.

And talking of tall, we followed this rather large horse truck for a while, and were intrigued by the personal number plate.  Bet our son-in-law and grand-daughters would like a plate, and a flash new horse truck, just like this.


Horse truck with a personalised plate

Stopping in Taihape to top up on fuel, I saw this glorious tree, glowing with colour.  Isn’t  it gorgeous.

Seen in Taihape

And we all know that we can’t possibly travel along the Desert Road without yet another photo of Mt Ruapehu.  I make no excuse for this, and can understand why the Maori people are so passionate about the mountains in their area.  As far as I’m concerned, Mt Ruapehu always seems like “my mountain” to me!

Mt Ruapehu under the clouds

There was extra colour on show as the elevation dropped nearing Turangi.  Neon yellow broom was in flower on the road side looking rather spectacular.

Broom in flower

We decided to stay at the National Equestrian Centre in Taupo for a change.  This venue has really had a lot of changes since our earlier visit some years ago, when it was decidedly scruffy.  Not so these days, everything looks nice and tidy, we have a very reasonably priced power site, and there is a good ablution block available.

At the National Equestrian Centre

Our Wairarapa Caravan Club  buddies Dave and Rae were also staying here so of course we had a get-together or two.  They are great company, so it’s always nice to meet up with them.

Dave and Rae

With a bit of spare time  before the ICA rally, we decided to stay here at Taupo for three nights.  We can relax, and have a look around, there’s always something of interest when you are traveling.


Home 'n' Away said...

Hi Jenny & Robin
Was great catching up with you. We decided to come back through Napier with intermittent rain most of the way. We are now parked up at Erickson NZMCA park. You enjoy you trip and will see you again soon.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Jenny and Robin,
I noticed the bright yellow on the Desert Road on our way homethe week before last - travelling as the driver, I couldn't peer at it to get a close look. I was undecided whether it was broom or gorse! I'm happier if it's broom, of course! So I hope you are right!
Travel safely, cheers,

Janice said...

I’ve always looked for interesting number plates since I was a kid. The one you saw was very clever. Gosh, your new van is bigger than your last one. How long is it?