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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Cat in a Carton

The carton was finally emptied.  It was handed to us the day we collected our new van,   chocker-block full of manuals.  For all sorts of things pertaining to the new van, TV, oven, fridge, microwave, heater, lighting, satellite finder, roof vents, even the yet as untried washing machine.  You name it, we have a “how to make it work” manual for it.  They are now all tidied away in a folder.  And you know what cats are like with empty cartons, Gemma thought it was just for her to play in.


Things are slowly getting sorted in the new van.  The long container for the waste pipes was removed from the back of the old van and is now safely attached to the new van.  The cupboards are relatively sorted, although their may well be a few changes down the track.  Various hooks have been fitted for me to hang things on them.  And the clock is on the wall and our Romany Rambler sign is now in place over the inside of the door.


Ready or not, we are  gearing up for another trip away shortly, heading north.  We are off to new places on a new adventure.    


Janice said...

It sounds like you are getting everything sorted. Yay! A washing machine. Is it a top loader or front loader?

Jenny said...

The washing machine is a top loader with a much smaller bowl capacity than a home washer. To use it we would have to be hooked up to power and have water and a drain close by. I wasn't after a washing machine particularly, as I usually go to laundromats or use thelaundry in the motor camp, but it was already fitted in the new van.