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Friday, 8 June 2018

Getting the Blokes in

We had a couple of tradesmen come calling the other day, and watched with interest as they arrived and got straight on with the job.  We had ordered an Archgola to be erected over our patio area to give us some much needed shade over the summer months.  These products are custom  made for each property, cut to size in the factory, and the metal components are powder coated to match the house joinery. The fittings are attached with brackets to a heavy board put in place under the soffits, and then the other mountings added.



The two men worked well together, each up and down the ladders numerous times, screwing the pieces together, and then spray-painting over the top of the metal screw heads so that everything blended together.  Then the roofing sheets were added – we had chosen tinted sheets to reduce the glare from the sun.

Nearly done

To complete the job, out came the “Mag Vac”.  This simple device picked up all the tiny slivers of metal which had dropped to the ground.  We were amazed at the quantity collected. 

The mag vac collecting metal shavings

With the job done, the men helped us move our tables back into place.  The job didn’t take too long at all, they workmen arrived at 8.00am, and left at mid day, with a stop for morning tea.
All done.

The Archgola just peeps over the front fence, but isn’t too intrusive, we feel.  And we will get a lot more use in the patio area with all that extra shade in the summer – a sun umbrella in the patio table just doesn’t offer enough shade.  One of our neighbours came down to check it out, and asked the boss man to come and measure up and give him a quote too, so he is very interested as well.

Front of the property


Tom and Jan said...

That looks very good. What is its wind rating?

Jenny said...

Hi Tom, not sure about the actual wind rating but the blurb says "Our awnings and canopies are super tough, long-lasting, 99.9% UV-resistant, custom built and structurally engineered to withstand high to very high wind zones and New Zealand’s tough climatic conditions."
The top is bolted to brackets under the soffits, and the poles are bolted into the concrete patio so we hope it stays in place.

Bernice said...

Looks great, now for some warm weather to sit out there and enjoy!

Jenny said...

With the shortest day fast approaching, it will be a while till we get the really war weather. But I'll be interested to see how much difference it makes in the cooler months, so maybe we can enjoy some sheltered outdoor times over the next few months. And we are looking forward to summer and sitting outside in the shade.

Janice said...

What a great project. It certainly will make your patio much more usable. It looks good too. No wonder one of your neighbours was also interested.