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Monday, 4 June 2018

AGM Rally at Manawatu Caravan Club Grounds

There was a good turn out for the AGM rally, with most of us happily  in place on Friday, with the lucky last  motor-home arriving on Saturday morning.

All in a  line for the weekend rally

The all important caravan club AGM took place on Saturday morning, and we were fortunate to have use of the hall to hold our meeting.  Luckily it was fairly cut and dried, with applicants received for all positions prior to the AGM.  The annual subs were set, (no change from the current year) and rally venues for the forthcoming year were discussed.  So that’s it all over for another year.

In the afternoon there was a bit of a working bee to find out why the electrical power was not working on one of our member’s vans.  A couple of blokes got busy checking the electrical fittings, plugs and cords to try and find the answer.  Seems that the fittings on the power cord was faulty and needed an adjustment to get it in top working order so it was taken away to be worked on. 

Robin and Selwyn checking out the problem

We had visitors on Sunday afternoon when daughter Nicky and son-in-law called in on their way home after helping a friend celebrate her 50th birthday in Wellington city.

Robert and Nicky – oh no, Mum’s got the camera out again.

Housie was our evening entertainment on Sunday evening, and several families from the camp came to join our caravan club members to try and make their fortunes.  So the evening was spent “eyes down and looking” while Derek called the numbers, and Selwyn took care of the money received and calculated the pay outs.

Selwyn and Derek checking one of the winning cards

The Manawatu Caravan Club is a little different it is a non touring club.  It is a large campsite that is mostly set up for permanent residents, who have a static caravan and attached awning on their site and come and go in the weekends.  There is  row of powered sites for casual vans, and we booked most of these for our weekend rally.  We had the use of the spacious hall, there is a small kitchen and laundry available, and large ablution blocks with lovely hot free showers. 

Permanent vans and awnings at the club grounds

All the footpaths lead to the large ablution blocks on the top of the rise, and tucked away behind the buildings was this rather quirky toilet cassette dump point.  And by the entry gate I spotted a large Christmas Tree constructed from driftwood, and hung with sea shells.  With a star on top and treaded with lights, it looks like the tree has been in use for the last Christmas or so.

Seen around the camp

Several vans, like us, had arrived a day early, which makes for a nice, relaxed weekend.  And two were staying on after most of us left on Monday, a good idea to avoid the traffic build up on a long weekend.    Luckily our trip home was fairy short and uneventful, the van was unpacked and put back in it’s parking area, all ready for next time.

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Janice said...

It’s good when an AGM is straight forward. I’m sure you will have thought of some interesting events for the coming year. It’s fun to see some quirky dump points.