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Monday, 19 March 2018

Caravan Duties

A weekend at home gave the man of the house the opportunity to give the caravan a wash down.  After traveling along dusty roads for many miles, the van was badly in need to some TLC.  Calling around to the van storage area to see how he was getting on – what did I find?   Robin sitting down on the job, chatting to a neighbour.  But he did assure me that he had almost finished his caravan duties.

Having a rest after washing the van

Then he blacked the tires, and attached our new caravan club transfers in place.

We are hitting the road again later in the week.  First stop will be Hastings where we have invitations for two family celebrations, back to back.  And from there, we move on to Hamilton to take our caravan back to the Leisureline factory to fix the leak which we discovered while we were away in the South Island.  Let’s hope that will be easy for the crew to find, and get dealt with.

The weather was fine and sunny during the weekend, and our New Zealand flag was fluttering in the breeze.  The lawns are slowly recovering from the months of hot dry weather – so dry that watering the lawn was forbidden and all the grass shriveled up, hence the dry brown patches. 

Home sweet home

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Janice said...

Robin probably deserved to have a little sit down after cleaning the van. IT is quite a job. Bring on the cooler weather so that your garden can recover.