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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Circumforaneous Gibbs

It was our pleasure to meet up with fellow bloggers Dave and Nancy.  We very nearly met up a few weeks ago when we were passing through Christchurch on the way down to Dunedin, but it wasn’t to be.  This time, after a phone call, we were kindly invited to afternoon tea. 

Nancy, Dave, and Penny

Penny the dog barked severely at us when we first arrived, but then settled down when she realized that we were no threat at all, and wouldn’t be making off with the family silver.  And the two Burmese cats kept us entertained by their antics, they weren’t the least bit interested in the visitors.

Dave and Nancy write their blog The Circumforaneous Gibbs and we followed them on their recent travels through Australia.  Thanks so much for arranging the get-together, it was so nice to meet you at last.

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