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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Moving on to Chatterley Manor

It’s time to say goodbye to our POP in Akaroa – and we have certainly had a great time here in this French flavoured village.  Where we have been staying we have been surrounded by lovely trees full of birds singing their hearts out.  Particularly the vocal tuis who visit us in the garden, visiting us in the garden, and serenading us with their amazing repertoire.  Here in our host’s garden we found this warning sign aimed at the lemon thief, and around the corner we think we saw the culprit.  What do you think?


Seen in our host’s garden

Our first stop was at the Duvauchelle dump station, and while Robin was attending to the business, I was admiring the sea view across the road. The tide was out, and the bay was a millpond.


It was 54km to our next stop, and we stayed at Waihora Park Reserve CAP (charges apply parking) overnight.  As it was yet another 30deg plus day, we parked close to the large shady trees. 

Waihora Park Reserve

After lunch we took a trip to Birdling's Flat, a very steep shingle beach and is well known as a place to find small agates and a variety of other attractive rounded pebbles.  We didn’t find and fancy stones, just lots and lots of rounded greywacke stones.   Due to strong ocean currents, swimming and surfing is not advised.  Birdling's Flat is named for the William Birdling  and family, who were the first European Settlers to farm the area.

Shingle beach at Bridling's Flat
Nothing beats an ice-cream after a hot afternoon sightseeing

With a few morning jobs to do we left the caravan behind at Waihora Park and I was dropped off at a laundromat while Robin went to fill the gas bottle again.  This wasn’t just any old laundromat but a very busy coffee bar, and coffee roasting business as well.

P1150108 P1150087

And who should I meet up while I lugged my big laundry bag through the door but number one son Michael, who was meeting a friend for coffee.  Once I had the washing machine going I went and ordered a coffee for myself and crashed his coffee date.  Not too sure how he felt about that, but Mum’s don’t mind embarrassing their children, even when they are grown up, do they?  And it was better sitting by myself waiting for the machine to complete it’s cycle.

All on a coffee date together

Robin arrived to collect me, and we went back to hook up the caravan and get on our way to the next stop – not to far away, Chatterley Manor CAP at Tai Tapu.   We were meeting up with caravan club members Bill and Val, who were just starting out on their own South Island Adventure.  Our parking area was in the back paddock and we arranged our vans to get maximum shade with the awnings, very necessary in such hot weather.


It was great to meet up with Bill and Val again, and we had a lot of catching up to do.  The plan is to spend three nights here before we go our separate ways, we will be heading north, and Bill and Val will continue south.

Bill and Val in the back paddock at Chatterley Manor

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